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Escoffier's recipe for iced coffee as taken from "Le Guide Culinaire":
“Pour one and a half pints of boiling water over ten oz. of freshly ground coffee, and strain it gently. Put this coffee into a bowl with twenty oz. of loaf sugar, and let the latter dissolve while the coffee cools. Then add one quart of very cold, boiled milk, in which half a stick of vanilla should have infused, and one pint of very fresh cream.
freeze the whole in a freezer, taking care to keep the preparation almost liquid, and serve it in very cold cups.”

In modern times, iced coffee is often served plain and the consumer chooses what condiments to add. Additionally, for almost every hot coffee beverage, there is an iced version. When this happens, the beverage is referred to by its original name preceded by the word “iced”.

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