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George Hill has been appointed to the Australian Fish Names Committee

The Fish Names & Brand Scheme is giving customer’s confidence that they are getting what they paid for when purchasing seafood.

A list of 4500 fish names has been put together by the Australian Fish Names Committee established by Seafood Services Australia.

The aim of this list is to have species carry the same name no matter where in Australia it is being marketed.

Retailers can join the scheme and display the approved fish names logo at their business to proudly promote the use of the correct fish names which is a sensible outcome for marketing seafood.

The Australian Fish Names Committee is established by Seafood Services Australia an accredited Standards Development Organisation. The committee assigns standard fish names in accordance with a transparent and rigorous procedures. Fish Names Committee members are appointed by the SSA Board which must ensure that the committee possesses appropriate skills and knowledge.

The committee is  established Seafood Services Australia. and funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

Access to the online standard fish names database can be found at

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