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There is no stronger force than a shared vision.

Be a part of a shared vision.

“Chefpedia” is an ever growing encyclopedia focused on commercial cookery. Chefpedia has been designed by chefs, is compiled by chefs and associated culinary experts and aims to evolve into a contemporary online commercial cookery reference.

"Chefpedia" includes a broader vision; not only technical information, but also includes interesting articles, recipe concepts and personal resumes.

Membership is by application, invitation or by referral. There is no membership fee.

Email George If you wish to express your interest to become involved as a contributor.

Chefpedia titles ranging from Chef de partie to Master Chef and is directly linked to the number of their inputs and articles

All approved chefs or experts are identified as a “contributor” by their name and their current chefpedia title

For approved, practicing or formerly active commercial chefs:

Title Contribution
Chefpedia Chef de Partie 1 - 3
Chefpedia Sous Chef 4 - 6
Chefpedia Chef de Cuisine 7 -10
Chefpedia Executive Chef 11 - 20
Chefpedia Master Chef 21 plus

For approved specialists in an associated aspect of commercial cookery or in a related field who may not be qualified chefs:

Title Contribution
Chefpedia Specialist 1 - 3
Chefpedia Expert 4 - 6
Chefpedia Consultant 7 -10
Chefpedia Executive 11 - 20
Chefpedia Master Specialist 21 plus

This encyclopedia is written by a network of established renowned commercial chefs who aspire to input their knowledge and culinary contemporary views to an online website that will benefit all.
Chefpedia includes a combination of traditional culinary knowledge (that is still customary) and contemporary knowledge, to provide the user with an opportunity to explore existing interpretations; or discover industry changes. Applicants who wish to be registered as a contributor should first read: About Chefpedia, Privacy policy and Disclaimers (About Chefpedia show examples of typical contributions)

Chefpedia's sister projects :

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