Commercial Cookery Contradictions

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Contradictions in media:

- How is it possible that the Australian restaurant industry is widely promoted to be excellent and among the best in the world; when the average restaurant score in food guides across Australia in hundreds of restaurant evaluations is 13/20. Who would be happy if their children averaged 65% in a final year test?

- Why do the public believe restaurant reviews will always reflect the quality of a restaurant experience?

- How is it possible to be the “The best restaurant ““The chef” “The best recipe”

- Why do many people believe pictures of food in magazine or on menus come straight from the pot to the plate, without extreme sprucing?

Contradictions in awards:

- How can restaurant reviewers assess a restaurant purely on their experience of a single meal without ever considering attitudes, consistency, reliability, dress standards, hygiene, commercial success, and more?

- How is it that chefs cited with “A Chefs Hat”, are not willing to wear one as a symbolic image of their vocation and award?

- How is it that many of the very people who call for the abolition of penalty rates do not work on weekends?

Contradictions with Chefs:

- How is it possible to be an apprentice chef, when chef is a position of responsibility, whilst an apprentice is learning to cook and graduates with a cookery qualification?

- How can one be a “qualified chef” when a chef describes a person’s authority and a cook identifies their expertise?

- How is possible that chefs believe they are professionals, yet many attend functions looking like rag dolls with unironed clothes and dirty shoes, while supposedly being trained in grooming and hygiene.

- How is it that a cooks/ chef’s occupation is viewed as fascinating, full of excitement, and adventure, yet they prepare the same dish, hour in hour out, day in day out often year in year out.

- Why are the majority of great chefs not good at marketing themselves, but very skilled at cooking, while the majority of celebrity chefs are not good at cooking but very skilled at marketing.

- How is it possible to train to be a qualified cook while being a vegetarian?

- Why people who believe a chefs job are is only a practical one, and does not require a well-educated person, not aware the chefs cost menu, write memos, and need to understand legalisation.

- Why do the media believe that every chef is an “Executive chef “without questioning their real role experience and responsibility?

- How is it that one can be “The Chef of the year”, when only assessed on one day in clinical competition conditions?

- How can it be that many cooks spoil the broth, when we have only chefs in the industry?

- It is historically stated that that a chefs hat contains 100 pleats to indicate their skill by showing the number of ways they can cook an egg. How does this stand for chefs do not wear a hat, does this mean they cannot cook an egg.

Contradictions and menus:

- Why do we have light meals on menus offering deep fried fish and chips?

- How is it that decades ago, we understood that cookery is, and always will be an ever-changing industry; but we still roast chickens, boil spaghetti, grill steaks, bake ?

- How many chefs who strongly support the environment do not check to see if the seafood they buy is on the endangered list?

Contradictions in food sold in local shops (LOL):

- How can one sell a chicken sausage schnitzel?

- How can one advertise a chicken strudel that is chicken made with puff pastry?

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