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There is no stronger force than a shared vision. Be a part of a shared vision

Chefpedia Motto: A desire to conceptualize and embrace the new, while acknowledging and respecting the traditional.

Why Chefpedia when Wikipedia already exists

We acknowledge and credit Wikipedia for the notion of a free body of knowledge created by the everyday person in their community. This is where the idea of a Chefpedia came from.

However there are fundamental differences?

Chefpedia is purely an industry focused the body of knowledge that includes more than just information. Chefpedia will also contain personal experiences, businesses, general articles and more and intends to follow commercial cookery industry changes as they occur, however based on the same wikipedia principle that it is free.

The second difference is, it will be developed and written by artisans who actually operate in the industry, the chef in their kitchen or the associated expert, whose role is to supply the chef with their ingredients.

And last but not least, all credit to Wikipedia, but sometimes its too complex and not based on a Kiss approach, an approach which chefs like.

Chefpedia will identify the common thought from the everyday chef and expert showing the traditional and more importantly the conventional.

The mission of Chefpedia is to empower qualified chefs and associated acknowledged food experts to collect develop and record a global contemporary body of culinary knowledge, noting and updating industry changes and make it available to everyone for free and for any purpose.

“Chefpedia” is a sister site of; The site aims to be  an ever growing encyclopedia focused on commercial cookery. The site  which has been designed by chefs( with the technical assistance of, to be compiled by renowned chefs and associated culinary experts and aims to evolve into a contemporary online commercial cookery reference.

We invite you to join a restricted group of established commercial chefs who aspire to input their knowledge and culinary contemporary views to an online website that will benefit all.

The skill and knowledge of a commercial chef is founded on a historical foundation of basic rules, techniques and terminology; however the contemporary commercial kitchen is in constant state of change.

While many of the rules and terms have not basically changed for decades, if not centuries, the modern “creative” chef has added and in some instances modified the original meaning of many commercial cookery terms, applied innovative food preparation techniques and created new heights in food service.

Many chefs have created signature dishes, become experts in a particular sector of commercial cookery or made significant contributions to the industry that may be relatively unknown to the rest of the chef’s community. Chefpedia encourages you to record your contribution and add your traditional or contemporary knowledge to benefit others and advance the status of the chef.

Chefpedia includes a combination of traditional knowledge (that is still customary) and contemporary knowledge, to provide you with an opportunity to explore existing interpretations; add new concepts or explore industry changes.

Chefpedia includes a broader vision; not only technical information, but also encourages contributors to tell their own story, add interesting articles, recipes concepts, or resumes.

Membership is by application, invitation or referral and there is no membership fee. Email George If you wish to express your interest to become involved as a contributor.

Once approved, you will be issued with a username and password which allows you to make a personal input to the Chefpedia encyclopedia.

On approval your username and password is active for one month

You need to add your first input (no matter how small) within one month of approval to confirm you participation. Once confirmed you remain a contributor

If you have not added to chefpedia body of knowledge within the month of approval, your authorization as a Chefpedia contributor will be withdrawn

Chefpedia titles ranging from Chef de partie to Master Chef and is directly linked to the number of their inputs and articles (See Contributors for details)

Any registered contributor can also edit any unprotected page, and improve articles immediately for all readers. We all make unintentional typographical mistakes. No matter how trivial the edit may seem, contributors can be proud that they have helped make Chefpedia better for the commercial cookery and boarder community, all those small edits add up!


All Chefpedia contributors agree:

Contributors are not perfect beings. However, in general, they are identified as and expected to act as role models within the chef’s community; they are required to apply best endeavors to ensure accuracy of all materials and as far as possible check grammar and spelling before posting a contribution.


Information is divided into two categories, technical and non technical

All information should identify the contributor and their chefpedia title. The system will automatically identify the source.

'Examples of adding your own information:

Technical information:

Non technical material


Appropriate graphics may be added to any contribution

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