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About Certifiedchef.com:

The Certified Chef Program developed and written by George Hill at salonculinaire.com is a peer review designed to provide an overall capability statement. It is industry driven and evaluates an applicant’s skills, attitude, knowledge and experience (SAKE). The certification is awarded in five levels of commercial cookery - Trade Cook, Professional Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Executive Chef and Master Chef

Initially the years experience determines the level at which a chefs may enter the program. This is followed by an assessment of the documentary evidence of the applicant’s cookery qualifications, experience and industry referees. Finally the applicant must complete successfully a series of on-line questions designed to assess attitude, experience, knowledge and skills.

Once certified, chefs are allowed to use titles after their name which identifies their status

For example a chef de cuisine would use CCC to demonstrate that they have reached the level of Chef de Cuisine or CMC Certified Master Chef on business cards, websites menus and articles about themselves

Certification is for five years, during which time the registered chef is required to continually develop his/her knowledge and experience in the industry.

The "S.A.K.E" assessment levels relate to the expectations of a person in an industry role. For example, technically a commercial cookery teacher is not a Chef de Cuisine; however he or she may successfully fulfill the requirements that equate to a Chef de Cuisine.

Being a certified chef encourages chefs to expand on his/her base training and extend their status in line with their experiences for greater job opportunities

Certified chef at salonculinaire.com delivers the online testing component of the program and records the successful candidates on chefpedia for various organisations that certify their members.

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